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If you book directly with Atlantis, they will prohibit you from booking with a travel agent for 3 years. Always book your cruise with a travel agent,

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Deposit and Cancellation Policy

Paying for Your Atlantis Vacations trip is simple

Dan Howell Travel offers a simple payment schedule. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Unless otherwise noted, our deposit and cancellation policy is as follows:

Deposit Policy
Days Before Departure
US Based Cruises
All Other Cruises
Initial Deposit
Second Deposit at 180 days
Final due at 90 days

Cancellation Policy
Days before Departure US Based Cruises All Other Cruises
151 - 180
No Charge No Charge
121 - 150
$100 $500
91 - 120
$200 30% of package price
61 - 90
40% of package price 40% of package price
60 or Less
100% of package price 100% of package price

Name Change Policy
A name change fee may be charged for each name changed. Name changes may not be allowed within 90 days of the scheduled departure.

Trip Insurance
Honestly, it's not a bad idea, since it covers your travel costs/expenses in the event you need to cancel. To make it simple, Dan Howell Travel has contracted with Travel Insured to provide you with this service. give us a call 866 541 2187 or e-mail for details. (Please note that you must purchase your trip insurance within 21 days of purchasing your Atlantis Vacations trip in order to waive any pre-existing limitations.)

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